Friday, May 14, 2010

Not So Bad

So, today I went to Wilford Hall to tackle getting all of Madison's records and films. IT WAS SUPER EASY!! No waiting for them to be sent. Went to Patient Records and they just printed them off right there! I then made it to Radiology and got 2 DVDs made. Waiting for those took the longest. A whoppin' 30 minutes!! The best part of the day was getting to have lunch in the Cafeteria with some fun friends. It is always delicious and you can't beat lunch for $2.25. When I got home I called the Neurosurgeon's office to request a copy of the notes from her appointment. They were so kind about it and will be sending them out today. So, I should have everything ready to be sent to Maryland by Monday. I will leave you with a little sunshine on this nasty, rainy day (well if you are in San Antonio)!

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