Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Crazy Busy

What a summer it has been! It seems that June 18 was forever ago. Since our appointment with Dr. Carson we have had alot going on......

- Micah has his tonsils and adenoids out
- We moved AGAIN! (Yes! Twice in one month!)
- Steve went to Japan for 3 weeks
- 10 headaches
- Many trips to the pool
- 4 doctors appointments
- Allergy shots for Stephen
- House guests
- Lost EFMP paperwork
- And another TAD for Steve from 15 Aug - 29 Aug

Since our visit Madison has had 10 headaches. Some tolerable and some really bad ones. In the Chiari world I do not know if this is alot or not. I just know that it is awful to see my baby girl suffer. I will be emailing the journal to Dr. Carson mid-September and we will go from there. Thank you for your continued thoughts and prayers. So many people have been asking about Maddie and are so concerned. We really appreciate everything.

I called Naval Medical Center San Diego last week to check on Madison's Exceptional Family Member Program (EFMP) paperwork. I submitted it in May, so it should have been completed by now. Well, they informed me that it had been lost. The Corpsman that was working on it had since PCS'd and they had no record of it besides the emails that I had of my correspondence with her. So, today I will go to Wilford Hall and Madison's pediatrician will fill out the paperwork again. The process usually takes about 6-8 weeks, but we are being told that they will try and expedite it. The reason we are hurried to do this is because Steve is up for orders and we need this package to help assign him to a new duty station. It's looking like we will probably be going home to San Diego, but we all now how the military rolls! We can't count on anything until we have the orders in our hands. Right now it is just looking like that is our best option. Madison had a wonderful pediatrician there who looked after her with her head injury as an infant. All of this is in God's hands, so we will be patient and see what He has in store for us. With all that being said, I am hoping the next week and a half until school starts is quite uneventful. We still have the dreaded school shopping to do. Help!!!